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Why We’re Different

Q-insights addresses client challenges head-on. In fact, we like to believe we make the impossible possible, taking on projects others won’t. With our vast experience and focus on low incidence recruiting, we shine in areas where others struggle.

Why We're DifferentWe love to take on challenges such as:

  • When clients have limited or no list for customer or target audiences.
  • When there is limited or no business-to-business list sources.
  • Difficult to find audiences by phone or online.
  • Multicultural (domestic) populations:
    • We know that mall interviewing only captures a fraction of most multicultural markets.

We go where the target audiences are:

  • Places like swap meets, taquerias, laundromats and more.
  • Where they shop, eat, live and the services they leverage.

We also specialize in product placement studies.



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