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Our parent company, ISA was built on a reputation for high quality data collection and they serve as our partner in executing various services, including:

Telephone Interviewing –

Through a partnership with our parent company ISA, Q-insights brings one of the most experienced teams in marketing research to the table when it comes to interviewing respondents via telephone. ISA has built a reputation for high-quality data collection, executing world class Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) projects for clients all over the world. Features include:

Telephone Interviewing

  • One of the largest, best-equipped, state-of-the-art telephone data-collection infrastructures in the industry.
  • Over 500, highly-trained interviewers.
  • Three cutting-edge US CATI centers (operating 24 hrs a day).
  • Dialing both domestically and internationally.
  • Award-winning Multicultural expertise since 1983 (Interviewers fluent in more than 65 languages, including bilingual Spanish every major Asian language)

Online Interviewing –

Online ResearchMany of Q-insights methodologies involve human interaction in a facility, in the field, or in some other setting where face-to-face is part of the process. That doesn’t mean we’re not technologically savvy or current in our approaches to research. In fact, we’ve become known for providing great data collection over the internet, thanks to our partnership with ISA.

From basic online surveys to more complex discrete choice or max-diff studies, partnering with ISA, we can provide you the right approach to meet your project needs. With an extensive checks-and-balances approach to setting up a web-based survey, we give our clients confidence that they’ll be collecting reliable and accurate results.

Survey Programming –

Intelligent Survey ProgrammingOne of the most important and critical elements of any online research project or any telephone-based research is the programming. The quality of the programming can determine the integrity level and quality of the data collected.

Today’s questionnaires often contain complex skip logic, piping of data, rotations, grid questions, discrete choice or max-diff exercises, embedded/streaming flash/HTML5, video and a significant number of other logic driven or response driven elements which can add to the complexity of a project. To get the best results, you need someone who understands research and “why” the survey needs to be programmed a certain way to achieve accurate results. In addition, you need programmers who understand “how” to achieve the results that match the design of the questionnaire. Your data depends on skill, knowledge, experience and understanding. Through our parent company, ISA, we provide you exactly that, and more. ISA is one of the most experienced teams in the industry using CfMC Software’s Survent package and IBM’s Dimensions software. Our programmers are experts at anything related to creating digital questionnaires for CATI, online, Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI), Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) studies or IVR projects.

IVR Interviewing –

Interactive Voice Response InterviewingWhen you combine state-of-the-art technology, with the power of a human voice, you embark on an exciting, yet often under-utilized method of research, called Interactive Voice Response (IVR). IVR is one of the most effective and powerful ways to conduct customer satisfaction and employee surveys, pre-screening, short foreign-language interviews, as well as reminder calls, validations and get-out-the-vote campaigns.

ISA, has become our exclusive IVR partner, providing us with reliability as well as flexibility when it comes to our clients’ Interactive Voice Response needs. They have incredible bandwidth and the ability to conduct large volumes of concurrent sessions at any given time. Thanks to our state-of-the-art system, ISA can easily expand and can accommodate more than sixteen million minutes a month. What does this mean to you? If you have an IVR project need, we can fulfill it with speed, efficiency and virtually without limitation.

Interviewing Quality Assurance Measures –
We are confident in our team’s capabilities, but we also want to make sure you’re comfortable as well. To add another layer of trust and security to the process, each telephone study goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure that you’ll be getting results that are accurate and useable. The following list represents some of the measures taken to ensure the best results possible:

  • ISA Interviewer Training –Quality Assurance
  • A comprehensive, detailed and demanding training process to ensure only the best fill a position of data collector.
  • Extensive initial orientation, followed by continuous training and review.
  • Continual review and updating of the training process throughout an interviewers tenure.
  • ISA Quality Assurance Team –
    • Over 40 Quality Assurance Supervisors, each monitoring thousands of live interviews per month.
    • Validation of more than 15% of all interviews, confirmed through the Validation Department.
    • Multicultural studies have full-time QA supervisors, who are fluent in their native language and also English.
  • Security
    • We have aggressively invested in our IT systems and software to ensure that data is accurate, safe and secure.

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